Our Mission

Got cards? It's just a question, right? Making a statement is a tricky business, but most of the time it is the simple things that get us talking. The idea behind this site and our shirts, is to get people talking. There are many that live in areas where magic and playing cards are not a common thing. Proudly wearing the question got cards? across your chest, can help you find other with the same interest. You can wear it to the mall one day, see if anyone notices. Wear it to a sporting event, a festival, or any local community get-together! Our hope is that by wearing our shirts, you will find others with your same interest, begin friendships, and expand the playing card, magic and cardistry communities.


This site started as a school project. I created the got cards? shirt in early 2018 and have had a few inquiries about it. I figured the project would be a good way for me to get the shirt into the hands of those who want one. The first iteration of this site, sold the shirts through a joke about playing card addiction. It was a funny bit (I thought), but it was going to be hard to use the word addiction in ads and I wanted to make it more legitimate. After the class was over I decided to make the site a little more presentable and drafted a real mission statement. So here it is. Here is my contribution to the playing card communities. Playing cards bring a broad spectrum of people together, and I hope in some way, my contribution means something to you.

- X